complex learning event analytics

Metacog’s learning data platform is the most powerful and advanced technology for improving learning outcomes at scale.

Data Enable Your Products

Envision creating intelligent products, more closely aligned with desired learning outcomes. All available via API

Transform Your Business

Understand how your learning products are being used. Optimize user experience and continuously improve efficacy

Build Better Learning

Use event data analytics to inform and craft richer new learning experiences that are data driven and personalized

The only way to know is to try it!

Enable Your Data Strategy

Compete in the new data driven digital age: build smart + connected products

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Improve your Data Strategy, Product Plans, Product Development Roadmap and competitiveness in the coming data driven years. In the Internet of Things, companies who are able to harness data, connect their products together and create systems of systems to optimize their customer experience will be clear winners in the new data age.

With metacog you have a platform that can easily data-enable your products to both create and deliver optimal customer value.

Envision learning that much better prepares students for success in college and beyond. 21st century jobs require 21st century learners and learning technologies. Metacog makes it easy to integrate data into your products.

Use data to inform better product cycles - learn from your learners

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The learning industry has been very good at crafting and pushing finely crafted content AT students but until now there has been no way of hearing back FROM learners at scale.

The rich data streams of learners as they solve challenges can be used to understand not only how they came to their final answer, but to assess the quality of the learning objects themselves and to more deeply understand where students are and what they should be doing next.

As students solve learning challenges, metacog can get incredibly fine grained information about student performances: how they think, how they approach difficult problems, do they try really hard, do they give up easily?

We believe this type of information can replace the activity of stopping the learning for testing.

Invisible Integrated Assessment: Score Open Ended Items automatically

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Are your clients asking you for something better than multiple choice or aren’t sure how to teach and assess without stopping and testing?

PARCC, Smarter Balanced and Common Core enable much deeper assessment challenges to help college and career readiness as well as to develop complex 21st century problem solving skills. NGSS also emphasizes evidence-based demonstration of procedural knowledge and practicably cannot be assessed utilizing multiple choice automated scoring.

The problem is there has been no ability (other than time consuming hand scoring) to score open ended challenges at scale that the new standards and guidelines enable. Enter metacog’s Invisible Integrated Assessment…

Create Intelligent Learning now!