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Metacog is an AI-powered performance analytics solution.

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Rooted in EDM and cognitive science, Metacog® is a complete analytics engine for hard-to-measure human behavior in complex environments. Our vertically integrated system covers a full range of analytics layers, from basic data collection and storage to advanced behavior modeling and visualization.

Use Metacog to evaluate and improve the performance of individuals, teams, and training programs. Accelerate your training progress at scale without sacrificing quality. Close your readiness gap faster.

military female as an example of optimizing individual performance


Learn better and faster—without adding instructors

Using goals set by your experts, Metacog observes and evaluates your trainees' behaviors, processes and results during training events. Real-time feedback can be provided during the simulation, and training content can be accelerated or slowed based on the individual's cognitive load, level of engagement and other factors.
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Optimize performance—without slowing down the process

Metacog captures and synthesizes an accurate record of the team's activities—individually and collectively—as they train together during a simulation. That data can be used to develop models which will help training leaders improve collaboration and optimize overall team performance.
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Grow more efficient—without sacrificing quality

Metacog evaluates more than people. It can also detect the impact that instructional content, processes, simulation elements and other factors have on training outcomes. You can learn which investments are working and which are not and make continuous improvements to training quality and efficiency.
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We serve organizations with high-stakes training missions. Metacog is especially suited to monitoring and analyzing performance in synthetic training environments. We can help close gaps between simulated settings and real world performance. Learn more about us




The Metacog platform is made up of a set of APIs, a data lake, and machine learning components. Together, they are a toolkit for achieving new levels of human performance optimization.

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schematic showing metacog platform components including data capture, storage, machine learning and analytics


Let us show you

We'll walk you through an example of how Metacog works using an air traffic control simulation tool and a Nervanix EEG headset. Watch in real time as Metacog captures the click-stream processes associated with managing takeoffs and landings and fuses them with sensor data captured from the headset.



screen shot of demo showing integration of EEG headset data with process data from air traffic controller training software
Our instrumented simulations can produce MBs of data per second. For over 5 years, Metacog has been a key partner, providing the solution we needed for managing our "big data" and saving us both time and resources!
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Kathy Perkins
PhET Interactive Simulations


What if you could measure a trainee's situation awareness during a simulation session?

Situation awareness (SA) can be a critical factor in efficient, safe, and successful outcomes of high-stakes scenarios—from military missions, to disaster response, to operating rooms. Assessing and visualizing SA states is critical to effectively training personnel for operating in high-stakes contexts. But continuous, automated detection of SA in real time has been a challenge. The right kind of AI-based system can close the gap. Topics addressed in this white paper include:

  • What is situation awareness? 
  • Challenges in measuring situation awareness
  • The role of AI-based systems in measuring SA

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