Get a taste of how Metacog works with our interactive demo widgets

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What follows is a series of demo widgets that will give you simple examples of the complex data capture process available on the Metacog platform. You can interact with these widgets and see how the event data is captured and displayed in a logging panel. What you see in these simple demos translates to high-fidelity synthetic training environments. For example, the same process used to capture your clicks in the minesweeper demo can be applied to interactions with a throttle or button in a flight sim.

The final two widgets at the bottom, Visualizations and Performance Profiler, allow you to see and interact with simple data visualizations. To learn more about how the Metacog platform can instrument your training sims and provide AI-enhanced human performance analytics, contact us for a free demo


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If you haven't checked out the overview of the Metacog platform, learn how it works. To explore documentation and tutorials try one of the paths below.

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