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Hassle-free data capture and extraction



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academic R&D

Are you an academic researcher investigating how learners perform in response to changes in content, assessment or tools? Or perhaps you support researchers in modeling and engagement strategy? You'll benefit from Metacog's ability to capture and organize process data from learning and assessment sessions. This data can then be easily extracted for analysis.


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military R&D

Are you a military or government researcher investigating human factors in training environments? You'll benefit from Metacog's ability to capture and organize data from a wide variety of synthetic training devices and biosensors. This can help identify ways to refine content, tools and processes to improve—and accelerate—training outcomes.


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Applied R&D

Are you a researcher developing products or systems designed to improve human performance? You'll benefit from Metacog's ability to help test and refine product features before commercialization. Metacog can also be used to identify opportunities for product enhancement and customization.

Put Metacog to work!

Build a research base
Extract data for longitudinal or comparative studies
Maintain an audit trail to reproduce studies
Understand user/learner engagement and strategy in detail
Apply findings to concrete design of equipment, simulations, or other technologies
Our instrumented simulations can produce MBs of data per second. For over 5 years, Metacog has been a key partner, providing the solution we needed for managing our "big data" and saving us both time and resources!
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It's easy to get started

Instrumenting your devices and learning objects with Metacog's powerful APIs is easier than you may think. And just a fraction of the cost and time of building a similar capability in house. Our Research subscription pricing at just $750 per quarter is a great way to get started. Compare subscription plans and learn more about services here. Or talk to us and we can help you find what's right for you.

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How it works

For more on the Metacog platform and how it works, check out our introductory video and an overview of our platform and capabilities.

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