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No matter what plan you choose, you have access to all Metacog platform capabilities. Subscription levels assume differences in usage. Technical and other consulting services are available as well. We can help you choose what's right for you.

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Research Sub

Instrument, capture, extract



per quarter, $3000 per year

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For academic, military, and industrial researchers and developers conducting pure or applied research
on human performance
  • 500 users
  • 250 GB of data storage per quarter
  • Inferences and model building not included in base price, but available for an additional fee
Production Sub

Add in machine learning



per quarter, $100,000 per year

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For those looking to operationalize performance analytics through model building and training
  • 5000 users
  • 50 GB of data storage per quarter
  • 5 million inferences
  • 50 training jobs
  • Add more inferences and model building for an additional fee
Command Sub

Go big. Really big.



with us

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For those needing even more: we can scale up and configure subscription packages to suit the largest needs

we offer services, too

Metacog was designed to be easy to implement. But depending on your training systems, staff expertise, and mission objectives, you may find it helpful to have some additional support. That's where our services come in.

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technical consulting

We can help you wire your proprietary training content, tools and systems to the Metacog platform.


data science consulting

We can help you construct, validate and tune models using the training process data you capture through the Metacog platform.

learning experience consulting

We can help you identify and adapt performance tasks and assessments for the learning experience in order to better meet your training objectives.

Our instrumented simulations can produce MBs of data per second. For over 5 years, Metacog has been a key partner, providing the solution we needed for managing our "big data" and saving us both time and resources!
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PhET Interactive Simulations

Had a demo yet?

We'll walk you through an example of how Metacog works using an air traffic control simulation tool and a Nervanix EEG headset. Watch in real time as Metacog captures the click-stream processes associated with managing takeoffs and landings and fuses them with sensor data captured from the headset.



Demo Screen Shot