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5 ways we protect your training mission and the data that drives it.

Let's face it: Even the most sophisticated performance analytics solution has little value if you aren't confident in the platform's security. At Metacog, security concerns are foundational. We developed our advanced performance analytics tools and processes with layers of protocols designed to keep your data safe and your mission on track. Read on and click through for the detail below. If you'd like more information on how we can support your training mission securely, we would be glad to meet.

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AWS + 5 Layers of Security

We built Metacog to run within Amazon Web Services and take advantage of AWS’s Shared Responsibility model. In that model, AWS takes care of physical and infrastructure security (security of the Cloud), and Metacog takes care of application security (security in the Cloud). In addition, Metacog builds on this security model in five ways:


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If you have more questions about how we protect your data and ensure you have access whenever you need it, we'd love to talk.

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